Production history


1. A workshop presentation of 9 Loons at Harbourfront Centre as part of the HATCH residency Apr 2013

2.  A workshop presentation of FIRE by Ill Nana Dance Company will be presented in Feb 2013 at the Rhubarb Festival.

3. Workshop presentation of Chang(e) at HERE Arts Centre, New York City, Jan 28 and 29, 2013.


  1. 1.Hiding Words (for you) and Chang(e) in Philadelphia at the Asian Arts Initiative Dec 6 and 7.

  2. 2.

  3. 3.The Way We Learn to Fold Our Souls. Toronto. Dec 2. Workshop Production.  Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

  1. 4.Hiding Words (for you) at Enwave Theatre, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto.  Sept 13-23.  World Premiere Production.

Hiding Words (for you), delves into nushu, a secret language created in 400 A.D. when Chinese women were not allowed to read or write. Set in China during its biggest 19th Century rebellion, a modern Canada where national security is at a heightened state, and a hip urban Hong Kong on the eve of the Beijing Olympics. This interdisciplinary play examines the relationship between two women connected through space and time, following their pursuits to influence social change.

Hiding Words (for you) seamlessly blends together theatre, poetry, hip hop, western and Chinese classical music, modern dance, performance art, and the visual arts.

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  1. 5. Song for Tomorrow at Summerworks Festival. August 11-19.  Co-production with New Harlem Productions.


4. Intent City at the Wychward Barns, Mayworks Festival. May 11. Workshop production.

5. Ocean Carving at Berkeley St Theatre, Festival of Ideas and Creations, co-presented with Canadian Stage. May 10. Workshop production.

6. Freaks and Geeks: The Drag Musical at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, part of Queer Pride 2012. June 27.  Emerging Artist production.

7. Drawn. Development work in Toronto and Los Angeles.

  1. 8.Chang(e). Development work in Toronto and New York City, in collaboration with the HERE Arts Center Residency Program in NYC.

9. Video Projection Design Panel Talk At Canadian Stage Toronto.  June 4.



  1. 1.Pull at the Centre of Gravity, Toronto. Nov 25. Workshop Production.

  1. 2.Arise at the Centre of Gravity, Toronto.  Nov 25 Solo multidisciplinary work by emerging artists.

3. Masterclass theatre workshops: Traci-Kato Kiriyama (LA) and Kennedy Kabasares (LA)  and Krystal Banzon (NYC).  Toronto. Nov 23


  1. 4. Drawn Development work in Toronto and Philadelphia.

5. Angels of Swedenberg: a live from New York City video stream.  Toronto. Nov 13. Performed by Ping Chong &Company.

  1. 5.Ocean Carving at the Asian Arts Initiative, Home Far and Near Festival, Philadelphia, Nov 11. Workshop production.

  1. 6. Eventual Ashes’ AD participates in the Asian Arts Initiatives National Artists Exchange Residency.  Gein presented a workshop on Video Projection Design and Technology and presented work created during the week.  Philadelphia Nov 13-18.

  1. 7.Gein Wong participates in visioning sessions for the formation of the US National Institute for Directing and Ensemble Creation. Tampa Bay Dec.

8. Hiding Words (for you): workshop development. Apr-May.



1. REM at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Toronto, Nov  Staged Reading.

2. My Baby’s Got a Secret: Drag Musical at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.  Toronto, Nov. Emerging Artists Production.

3. Invited Panel Talk about Hiding Words (for you) at 3rd International Conference on Pop Culture and World Politics. Toronto, Nov.

4 Hiding Words (for you) at Factory Theatre. Toronto, Jan. Workshops Production.

5. Hiding Words (for you) Festival excerpts at Crosscurrents Festival (Factory Theatre/New Harlem Productions/b current) and Megapotlock Festival (fu-GEN)



  1. 1.West Asia presented at Mayworks Festival in Toronto and jianjing lu in Beijing. Performance Art Film

2. Hiding Words (for you) Workshop development.


1. Salt Fish Girl 1: Hope and Forgetfulness at Winchester Theatre Toronto. Present with Little Pear Garden Collective.


Residencies and Awards:

2012: Canadian Stage BASH Director’s Residency (Gein Wong)

2012: Artist Residency - Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia

2011: Company in Residence - fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company

2011: Artist Residency - Asian Arts Initiative , Philadelphia

2011: YMCA Peace Medallion nomination

2010: KM Hunter Theatre Award nomination

Publishing History:

1. Hiding Words (for you), monologue. Refractions Solo (Playwrights Canada Press 2011)

2. West Asia, Maple Tree Literary Supplement 2011.






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